Stretch film


At present stretch film constitutes the most cost-effective variety of packaging.

These stretchy PE-films are mainly used as protection against dust and climate influence in the areas of packaging of pallets, but also for packaging of large, bulky goods.

One has to decide here between hand-stretch film and machine-stretch film.

Hand-stretch film - for manual packing

The hand-stretch film serves for the simple, manual way of packing and will be offered by us in the standard widths.

Machine-stretch film - for automatic packing

A condition for this is a fully automatic stretching machine. Machine-stretched film has increased, for example in the cement, brick and paper industries.

Despite the lower strength a stability of the packed goods can be warranted due to the higher tear strength.

The stretch films are of diverse qualities, that means available from standard to power, with or without additives.

Which quality (tear strength, slippage, colour) the stretch films need, depends on their individual requirement.

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