Covering bonnets - Shrinkable bonnets

Our product pallet comprises of PE-bonnets of various types: normal Covering bonnets as dust protection or Shrinkable bonnets as a classic; transporter safety protection film for pallet loading against wetness, dirt and damage.

We also offer you this perforated or needled, as well as in loose form or tear-off perforated on rolls.

All bonnets will be manufactured with the corresponding shrinkable features (monoaxial or biaxial stretched).

Of course, we can also deliver the bonnets to you in the desired colours.

Furthermore, we can also offer you, in addition to standard bonnets in variable sizes and strengths, e.g. furniture wrapping.

Our products, with the exception of refuse sacks, will generally be manufactured from first-class 1A new ware. We only deliver these with regenerated parts under specific customer request, in order to reduce costs.

Additives, such as for instance UV-stabilizer, static inhibitor and antiseize agents will be enclosed with the sacks upon customer demand.

Multi-purpose applications

Bonnets are not only applicable as multi-purpose product protection, but serve when required as an advertisement area for the packed goods, with the desired customer printed design in up to 6 colours.

S-Bonnets - Y-Bonnets possess outstanding crossways shrinking values

Besides the above-mentioned shrinkable bonnets, we have the further possibility to deliver you with so-called S-bonnets resp. Y-bonnets.

These distinguish exceptional crossways shrinkable values through a special minimal cost intensive manufacturing procedure. A simultaneous decrease in lengthwise shrinkage and reduction of wrinkling by shrinkage is possible.

The pallet will thereby, immediately by shrinkage, be totally locked from the bonnet. This leads to an improved pallet stability and comprehensive protection from climate influence. The so-called "half moon creation" will be impeded.

It is also possible here to create 4 sided printing, without distorting the printed images. The effectivity as advertising medium will be raised thereby enormously.

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