Cut-outs for multipacks


In order to protect your products from dirt and climate influence, flat film cut-outs, also called cover sheets as well as tubular cut-outs, are optimally suitable.

They will mainly be used by stretching or shrinking as underlay film, interlayer, resp. cover sheet between products or as cover sheet for the pallet.

Of course we will also deliver cut-outs for multipacks to you in the desired colour.

We have the possibility to offer you this perforated or needled as well as in loose form or tear-off perforated on rolls.

With pleasure, we will prepare the cut-outs for multipacks with additives (e.g. static inhibitor), or printed according to your wishes.

Our products, with the exception of refuse sacks, will generally be manufactured from first-class 1A new ware.

We are only too happy to answer your questions.