Sacks and Bags


We deliver to according to your customer-desired dimensions:

Flat sacks / falt bags

Side gusset sacks

Clothing protection wrapping

Covering bonnets

Heavy cargo sacks

Refuse sacks

in loose form, or tear-off perforated on a roll.

We will manufacture flat bags with bottom seams or side seams in diverse sizes and strengths according to your specifications. Of course, we will deliver the bags to you in the desired colours, as well as perforated or needled.

Our products, with the exception of refuse sacks, will generally be manufactured from first-class 1A new ware. We only deliver these with regenerated parts under specific customer request, in order to reduce costs.

Additives, such as for instance UV-stabilizer, static inhibitor and antiseize agents will be enclosed with the sacks upon customer demand.

Flexible application possibilities

These are suitbale for commission and as packaging protection against dirt and climate influence for numerous industrial and trade products.

Furthermore, in addition to standard sacks in variable sizes and strengths, we can also offer you e.g. clothing protection wrapping with hanger slot.

With a 6 colour printing possibility these sacks and bags are ideal as advertising medium, in order to emphasize your products.

We are only too happy to answer your questions.